(Re)Thinking Course Design? Ten Semester-Starting Posts

31 Aug DSCN0424

For this post, we’ve selected a set of 10 resources that teachers might draw on in developing course plans and class session designs for the coming semester.  Items 1 & 2 on this list were created for a Spring15 term online seminar focused on multicultural, inclusive teaching and learning.  The remaining items are drawn from recent reader-favorite TILT posts.  Also, you can link to some of our posts from Summer 2015 via short descriptions on the right side of TILT’s homepage.  

1.  Aligned Course Design

  – Video resource:

  – Blog resource: http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-6g

2.  Universal Design for Learning

 – Video resource:

– Blog resource: http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-13K

3.  Screencasting


4.  Improving Moodle’s Usability, Updated

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-1fc

5.  Making Sure Your Educational Multimedia Pays Off

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-1c6

6.  CATS, CATS, and More CATS

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-19t

7.  1st Days: Moving into Our Elements

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-12K

8.  Let the Talking Begin: Fostering Learning Discussions

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-18U

9.  Mindsets, Learning, Conflict & Incremental Thinking

– http://wp.me/p1Mdiu-1at

10.  Introverts – Extroverts


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